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About Thermography

What is Thermography?

Raised Ink
When you see an invitation with a slightly raised glossy lettering or graphic, it is probably a Thermographic print. Thermography gives a very luxurious, classy feel.

Why are Thermography Invites so hard to find?
Thermography is a very specialist technique and there are not a huge amount of printers still doing it, especially since the advent of digital printing. Digital printing is great for cheap & fast jobs such as leaflets and postcards, but for your wedding invitations you might want something a bit more special. We are pleased to offer you Thermography invitations printed in Ireland.

How is Thermography Done?
Thermography is a process that applies powder to ink while the ink is wet and is heated and cured to give a high gloss raised image.

What is the best use of thermography?
Because thermogrpahy is a special technique, we believe that in order to show it off, the card itself should be very simple. No extra decoration is needed, just a simple thick flat card with the thermographic print, perhaps a ribbon... that's all you need!

How much does it cost?

Understanding the Pricing
Unlike our other designs, the cost is not in the materials or the time involved in the tying of ribbons or the gluing of one card to another. All the cost of thermography lies in the time it takes to prepare the artwork and the machines. So you will see that getting 75 cards is not that much cheaper than getting 250. This has the effect of creating a high unit price for small orders and a low unit price for large orders. So if you are having a very small wedding, thermography might not be the best idea, but if your wedding is large, it might actually be a very cost effective.

Ordering Enough
As we cannot easily print more thermographic invites for you at the drop of a hat, we strongly advise that you order 25 more than you think you will need at the beginning. Due to the high cost of set up, ordering more later will be very costly, but ordering plenty of extras to begin will not cost much more.

Minimum Order Quantities
Again due to the cost of printing small quantities we have set a minimum order of 75 invites for thermography. The maximum is 250 but if you want more please just let us know. Also you must order in increments of 25 please.






What design can I have?

Set Designs
You will notice we have some set designs to choose from. These can be tweaked and ink colour can be changed. You can have any font you wish.You can also add ribbon or diamantes.

Custom Designs
If you have something in mind which you would like to see realised, we may be able to help you. For custom artwork to be designed, we will quote you an additional fee for our designer's time depending on the complexity of the project. Please enquire giving us as much detail as possible.

Ink Colours
Thermography can be produced in any colour. We have given you some set colours to choose from to make ordering easier but if you don't see what you want let us know.