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Bespoke Requests

Not every wedding is the same and sometimes a product straight off the shelf is not suitable. Here are some examples of real weddings which we have catered for. If you have an odd request, please let us know

Special Colours

Mix 'n' Match
Lynsey showed us her funky bridesmaids dresses in black with a hot pink sash, first we thought of 'Classic Fuschia' with black ribbon but 'Vintage Black' with fuschia satin won out. Don't be afraid to choose a ribbon colour which is a contrasting colour. Another great example is red ribbon on Classic Gold at Christmas or Sage Green ribbon on Classic Rose for a very spring time look.

Scottish Tartan

Tracy's h2b is a member of the Buchanan clan and she wanted to incorprate the family tartan. We suggested 'Classic Gold' and we sourced the exact tartan ribbon. It was a little more expensive than the normal ribbon but well worth it! We can get a number of different tartans so please enquire if you are interested.



Special Situations

Charity Cards
Instead of favours, some couples donate to charity and it's nice to let guests know that a donation has been made in their name. We can print a small 'tent' card to put on each table with the details.

If the loaction of the church or reception is really difficult you might want a map printed on your information cards. We can oragnise this and you can now buy map artwork in our 'Accessories' section under 'Typesetting Services'.

Table Names
You might like to name your tables instead of numbering them. You can buy our printed table names in the 'Accessories' section under 'Table Cards'. Here are some examples we have come accross:
Designer Brands
Holiday Destinations
Football Teams
Football Players
Favourite Films
Christmas Theme
Famous Couples
Retro Sweets
Favourite Songs
Ice Cream Flavours


Special Locations

Elaine wanted to incorporate the Eiffel Tower into her wedding theme, we had nothing Parisian in our collection (it's not a request we get everyday!) But Elaine loved the quality and design of our stationery so she found some tiny card cut outs of the Eiffel Tower which she sent to us and we stuck on for her!

Budapest Guide Book
If the standard size guest information card just won't cut it for your wedding abroad, we can print a mini booklet. We did this for Karen when she got married in Budapest. She knew the city well and wanted to give her guests the low down on all the best places to eat. We created an 8 page booklet which she sent out with her invitations.

Dual Languages
Ben & Nerea were inviting guests from both England and Spain, so we printed half their invites in English and half in Spanish. We do this ALOT! We have in the past printed invites in Polish, Icelandic, French, German, Hungarian..etc! There are 2 ways to do it, you can print both languages on facing pages of the same invite, or you can print 2 batches like Ben & Nerea. Eitherway there is no extra cost.

Welcome Luggage Tags
Gillian wanted to leave a little gift bag in each guests room and asked us to print a little Luggage tag with a welcome message... cute!