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How Many Wedding Invitations Do I Need to Order?

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Wedding Invitations - How Many?  

This is probably the question we get asked the most. 

Guest numbers will be something you and your partner will fight a lot over in the run up to your wedding.

When, eventually, you do decide how many people you want to come to your very special day, then you can start organising your wedding stationery. 

Does everyone on my guest list need a wedding invitation? 

This might seem obvious, but you definitely don't need a wedding invitation for everyone.

Couples get one between them and families also normally get only one so you may need a lot less invitations than you think.

We normally advise couples to half the number of people on their guest list and add another 10% and that should give you ample invites. Doing this also means you are also allowing for mistakes when writing your invitations. 

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