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​Newly-engaged? What should you do next?

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Nine pieces of advice for newly-engaged couples 

Newly engaged couple enjoying time together

  • 1.Enjoy the moment and tell your parents first

Don’t feel rushed into telling everyone straight away. It is such a special time in your life that you want to make sure to enjoy every minute of it. Prolonging telling people also means all the excitement and celebrations will continue for that little bit longer instead of it all being over in the blink of an eye. Tell both of your parents first and then decide who else needs to know.

  • 2.Make sure your nails look good for the ‘I’m engaged’ photo

The first photograph of your engagement ring will be one you will never forget. And you will more than likely send this picture to some of your friends or family when announcing the news so make sure your nails look polished and manicured. It’s simple yet important.

  • 3.Call relatives and tell other important people in your lives

Start making phone calls or sending text messages to make sure all the special people in your lives know about it before they hear from someone else.

  • 4.Plan an engagement party

Engagement party drinks

Once you’re happy that you’ve told everyone that needs to know, get cracking at organising some drinks and snacks with family and friends to celebrate the exciting news.

  • 5.Sign up to Irish wedding websites

Sign up to websites like ,,,,, and

These websites are great at giving you tips, advice and some even give discount on various wedding suppliers.

  • 6.Get your engagement ring sized and insured

Love Letters Elegant Wedding Invitation

You will be showing off this sparkler for the next couple of month’s so you want to make sure that you don’t lose it. If it seems even a tiny bit loose, bring it into a jewellery shop to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you. While you’re getting the ring sized, you should also look at getting it insured. Especially if it’s an expensive one!

  • 7.Set a provisional time frame for the wedding

After ‘congratulations’ and ‘show me the ring’, people will start to ask you ‘So, when’s the wedding’? It will save you lots of headaches if you can come up with a vague yet specific answer. Something along the lines of ‘We’re thinking summer 2020’ or ‘We’re giving ourselves two years but we’d like a winter wedding’. People like to feel in the loop and it gives you a focus and some direction as you start into the planning.

  • 8.Buy a wedding planner book/diary

It won’t happen unless you write it down. Get started with a year planner so you can jot down ideas and plan when you have to get certain things done. It will make you feel a lot more in control and a lot less stressed.

  • 9.Estimate a budget and start a savings plan

Before you go viewing wedding venues and organising anything, make sure you and your fiancé(e) have a budget in mind and decide how you are going to start saving. Whether it be weekly or monthly, decide on a fixed amount that will allow you to reach your goals.

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