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Black Tie Weddings Etiquette

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What is a Black Tie Wedding and what should guests wear?

So, you’ve received a charming wedding invitation in the post and the dress code clearly states ‘black tie’.

The expression itself oozes formality but what exactly does it mean?

The Black Tie Wedding Invitation

Black Tie Wedding Invitations Tuxedo collection

You should get a good idea about how formal the wedding is going to be from the actual wedding invitation.

If the style of the card immediately gives you the impression that the occasion is going to be extremely formal then you should go with your gut instinct and guess that it probably will be.

However, if the wedding invite doesn’t scream formality then don’t worry as there are still some other ways to find out.

The bride and groom may have given very little away on the invite but you can take some clues from the venue and the time of ceremony.

A luxurious five-star hotel would definitely get alarm bells ringing and you know it’s going to be a lavish occasion.

If a late ceremony time is printed on the invitation you should assume the event will be a very formal affair.

If you’re still in doubt as to the formality of the event, get in touch with a friend who was also invited and share ideas.

What should I wear to a Black Tie Wedding?

Cream Tuxedo Wedding Invitation collection for Black Tie Wedding

For the lady, this is the perfect chance to don a beautiful gown making you feel a million dollars.

You will find that most Black Tie Weddings will be evening events so a floor length evening dress is perfect for the occasion.

Choose a dark coloured dress with black, navy or grey tones to make sure you are more than fit for the occasion.

For a wedding during the day, you could go with a cocktail dress or a longer length dress.

Choose lighter colour palette or subtle patterns for your cocktail dress to match the daylight hues.

What should a man wear to a Black Tie Wedding?

For the gentleman, you can’t go wrong with classic formal attire.

Your best fitted suit with a crisp tie is a great starting point but if you really want to follow the dress code then you should consider a tuxedo. We recommend dark coloured tuxedos like classic black or a deep navy blue with a bow tie.

Don’t forget that you don’t always have to buy the tuxedo, there are plenty of places where you can rent them just for the day.

Shop our Tuxedo Wedding Invitation Collection to find the perfect invitation if you are planning on having a Black Tie Wedding.

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