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How to word your Wedding Thank You Cards

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The fun part is over and you've received some amazing presents so how can you show your appreciation?

Our advice would be to keep it short and simple and follow some of our wedding thank you card wording examples below.

Here's how to express your utmost gratitude to those who made your wedding day ever so special.

Examples of wording your Wedding Thank You cards.

Example 1 We wish to thank all of you for being here with us on this very special day of our Marriage. Words will never adequately express our heartfelt thanks for your love, friendship and support.

Example 2 We would like to convey a special thanks to all our family and friends who have travelled to be here to share this day with us.

Example 3 We would like to thank you, our family and friends for sharing this special day with us. We look forward to your continued friendship throughout our married life. You will always find a warm welcome in our home.

Example 4 We wish you all a very enjoyable day and look forward to your continued friendship during our married life.

Example 5 Thank you for sharing this special day with us. That so many of our friends and family, could be here to help us celebrate our marriage means a great deal to us.

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