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Wedding Invitation Mistakes you Need to Avoid

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You’ve set the date, you’ve booked the venue, and you’ve bought the dress.

Everything seems to be going smoothly so far.

By now, (roughly one year to nine months before the big day) you should be researching and getting some ideas on what you imagine your stationery to look like.

Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Follow our five steps to make sure this is a stress free time.

Five Wedding Invitation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Not giving yourself ample time

You can change your mind so many times when looking for wedding stationery that you need to make sure you give yourself sufficient time.

And the process generally feels more fun when you are not pushed for time. 

Looking for wedding stationery one year to six months before the wedding is a brilliant idea.

Order samples and take time to discuss the style with your partner.

Being too flexible with your guest list 

It can be very easy to get carried away and invite anyone and everyone, but you need to be ruthless with your guest list. 

Remember it is you and your partner’s day and you invite whoever you like. Remember you have to foot the bill. 

Take as much time as you need to create the guest list and make sure you have the correct addresses for all.

Relying on you alone to check your proofs

At this stage, you have ordered the stationery and the proofs have been sent back. 

Don’t skim through them and sign off on them without at least one or even two other people checking them with you.

There are many couples who are so focused on the style and layout of the stationery that they don’t notice how some of the simple details are wrong.

Not ordering enough wedding invitations 

At Love Letters, we always recommend that you half your guest list and then add 10% onto that number for the number of invitations you need to buy.

We often get couples coming back ordering an extra five or ten as they made mistakes or didn’t have enough, so just another reason why you need to order your stationery well in advanced of the wedding.

Giving guests too much time to RSVP

The problem with giving guests a lot of time to respond, means they will more than likely forget about it or lose the RSVP card.

We recommend allowing all of your wedding guests just under one month to respond to your invitation. 

The chances of them responding are much higher than if you give them too much time.