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Questions about Ordering

Q. How soon in advance do I need to order my stationery?

A. Ideally 3 months before the wedding day. This will allow time for selection, proofing, printing and despatch, in advance of your wedding. If you have passed this time, we may be able to squeeze you in so please enquire as soon as you can.

Q. When should I send my invitations out?

A. Normally 8 weeks in advance but sooner if your wedding is on a public/bank holiday or abroad. Check out our 'When to Send What' page which gives you a countdown to your wedding.

Q. How long before my order is dispatched?

A. It depends on the item. If it is a blank card, we will dispatch straight away. If the item requires personalised printing it will take longer. The turnaround time is counted from the time you 'approve' the proof not the time you order. All turnaround times are displayed beside each product in the 'SPECS' section. It also varies depending on how complex the item is to make. The longest turnaround time is 28 days.

Q. How long will delivery take?

A. It depends where you are located. Please check the delivery table on the 'About Delivery' page.

Q. How much does delivery cost?

A. Delivery is calculated based on the total weight of the items you are ordering v's the delivery address. When you are in the shopping cart view, you can put in your address and get a delivery quote.

Q. Can I order my Ceremony Booklets, Menus, Place Cards and Thank You Cards at a later date?

A. Yes, provided they are ordered no later than 4 weeks before the wedding to allow for proofing, production and delivery. If you order everything at once you will only pay for delivery once even if we need to do 2 separate deliveries.

Q. Can I order more Invitations if my guest list grows or I make errors?

A. Yes, however we strongly encourage you to order enough at the beginning as re-ordering items can be expensive as there is a minimum order of 10 and you may only need 1 or 2. If you order more cards after you initial order, the chances are that you will be in a panic to get them and we may be busy at that moment. It can take up to 1 week to have extra cards re-printed.

Q. By what method can I pay for my stationery?

A. You can pay online securely by the following methods: Laser, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Debit, VIsa Delta, Visa Electron, Switch or PayPal

Q. Do envelopes cost extra?

A. No, the price of day and evening invitations, Reply Cards and Thank You Cards all include a matching envelope. If you require additional envelopes for any reason, these can be ordered in the 'Accessories' section.

Q. Is there an extra charge for typesetting and the creation of proofs?

A. No, the service is completely free. Your proof will be added to our Online Proofing System for your review. You can make unlimited changes/comments. You will get up to 5 revisions of your proof which is more than enough to get it perfect. Should you need more proofs you can purchase extra credit in the 'Accessories' section.

Q. I want to make my own booklets, can I just buy the covers from Love Letters?

A. Yes, you can buy 'Ceremony Covers' in any design. Depending on the design you choose, the cover will come with any embellishment too; such as ribbon, diamante, buckles, personalalised tags etc. The only thing that is missing is the insert. But you can also buy the matching insert paper too. You will find paper in the 'Accessories' section.

Q. We are having a party the day after/before the wedding, how can we incorporate this into the invitation?

A. There are a number of options here; we can print a small message at the bottom of the day invitation (this will be cost neutral), we can print a separate insert card with the details (information cards are sold separately), or we can mention it on the Reply Card (only some designs have personalised reply cards, please ask us first).

Q. I want to have 2 different R.S.V.P. dates as I have an 'A' and 'B' list of guests, can I do this?

A. Yes we can print the invitations in 2 batches (minimum order is 10 copies per batch), please just tell us the breakdown of quantities and the 2 different dates when ordering (use the Special Request box when ordering). There is no extra cost involved. 

Q. What if guests forget to write their names on the Reply Cards?

A. This is a common problem, guests can sometimes forget to write their names and just tick the box leaving you scratching your head. To combat this we suggest that you number the Reply Cards on the back in pencil. Keep your numbered guest list so you can identify any anonymous replies later.

Q. We are paying for some guests' accommodation but not others, how can we deal with this?

A. We can print 2 batches of information cards (minimum order is 10 copies per batch), one batch will tell guests they are invited to stay at your compliments, the other batch will give a list of accommodation options as normal. Please just tell us the breakdown of quantities when ordering. There is no extra cost involved.

Q. We would like our invitations in a foreign language, can you do this?

A. We have printed stationery in all kinds of languages so it is not a problem. We can cater for all accent marks and diacritics in Roman alphabet languages. There is no extra cost involved. For non Roman alphabets such as Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian etc., we can source fonts for you and there maybe a small font fee involved. When it comes to the proofs, we will exactly copy whatever wording you give us, but you will have to check it and proof read it all yourself. 

Q. We would like our invitations printed in 2 different languages, can you do this?

A. Yes we can and there are a number of options. We can print the 2 languages on facing pages. e.g. English on the left hand side and Italian on the right. This works well on designs like Classic, Delicate or Vintage. Or we can print on the front and back of a card, this works well on designs such as Tuxedo, Graceful and Elegant. Another option is to print 2 different batches (minimum order is 10 copies per batch). Please just tell us the breakdown of quantities when ordering. (use the Special Request box) There is no extra cost involved. 

Q. We would like our ceremony booklets printed in 2 different languages, can you do this?

A. Yes we can and there are a number of options. We can print the 2 languages, one after the other in a very long booklet. You will have to pay a small extra charge for additional paper if we go over 16 pages. Or we can print 2 different batches of booklets (minimum order 30 copies for each batch). Please just tell us the breakdown of quantities when ordering. (use the Special Request box) There is no extra cost involved with second option.

Q. I am having a party and want to use one of your designs, can you change your design to suit my event?

A. Anywhere you see black print on our designs - the wording can be changed. Anywhere you see a metallic print on our stationery - this cannot be changed. Many designs are easily customised and so suited to parties and events.

Q. I want my name printed in gold on the cover instead of 'Wedding', can this be done?

A. Sorry but no, this would be prohibitively expensive. However many of the designs feature personalisation on the cover. Look for any design which show the Bride and Grooms name in black print.

Q. Can I buy ribbon separately?

A. Yes, visit the Accessories section.

Q. Can I buy envelopes separately?

A. Yes, visit the Accessories section.

Q. I want my wedding planner to deal directly with Love Letters, is that possible?

A. We prefer to communicate directly with the bride or groom. We will not divulge any personal information to a third party unless we have been expressly asked to. If you wish your wedding planner to manage your order on your behalf you must submit your request in writing stating that you give the wedding planner full permission to make decisions on your behalf regarding all aspects of the order including; ordering, payment, approval of proofs and accepting delivery.

Q. I live abroad and I want my parents to deal directly with Love Letters, is that possible?

A. Even though you are abroad, it would be much easier to deal with you directly via email. In our experience, too many cooks spoil the broth! We have had situations where we are getting phone calls and emails about the same order from 4 different people... all giving us different instructions. Of course we can deliver to your parents but when it comes to the finer details of the proof, we prefer to liaise with just one person, the bride!

Q. Instead of a Ceremony Booklet, can I get a scroll?

A. Yes, if you are willing to have an abbreviated version of the ceremony, so that we can fit it on 1 A4 sheet, we can help you do this. You will find scrolls in the Accessories Section.

Q. We have our own artwork already designed, can you print it for us?

A. If you have the artwork done already you don't need us! Your best option would be to go straight to your local printer. Tip! Always start by sourcing your envelopes before you create your artwork, so you know what size the card should be. It's always harder to do it the other way around. We have a selection of envelopes which we sell separately. See our Accessories section.

Q. I have an idea for a design can you realise it for me?

A. We can only answer this question after we know what you are looking for exactly. Ideally send us a picture or sketch so we can consider it as a possible design. Please note that if you want something custom, you should come to us much earlier than normal, about 6 months before your wedding at the very least.

Q. Can you print Thank You Cards with our wedding photo on them?

A. Sorry we do not offer this service currently.

Q. Will you post my invitations for me?

A. No, it is essential that you see the final product before they are sent out and that you calculate the postage charge yourself.

Q. What stamps should I put on my invitations?

A. Wedding stamps issued by national postal services usually carry a value of a normal letter but this can be misleading. You need to check with your local post service for their current postal charges. Postage is calculated by weight, dimensions and destination. The weight of your invite will depend on the inserts included such as R.S.V.P. Cards and Information Cards. The envelope may be bulky due to a ribbon or other embellishments. What we can tell you for sure is the size of the envelope which is detailed in the 'MORE INFO' section beside each product.

Q. My wedding has been called off, what next?

A. Always a difficult situation but we will help you as best we can. What happens depends on what stage we are at in the process. If you have ordered but you have not approved...we will cancel your order and give you your choice of store credit or a gift card (less €50/£45/$70 to cover our costs of administration and typesetting time). If you have approved your stationery already we regret that we can offer no refund. We will simply shred the stationery you ordered. If you have already sent your invitations out, we can help you create a nicely worded note to send to all your guests letting them know. Please enquire for a quote. (If you ordered any items during a clearance sale there is no refund in any circumstance.)

Q. My wedding date or venue has changed, what next?

A. Again this depends on what stage we are at in the process. If you have ordered but you have not approved... simply make the changes using the online proofing system. If you have already approved your stationery we will need to reprint it. The cost of re-printing will depend on how far along the production line your stationery has gone. If you have already sent out your invites, we can help you create a nicely worded note to send to all your guests letting them know. Please enquire for a quote.


Questions about Proofs

Q. How many comments can I make?

A. As many as you like.

Q. How many revised proofs can I get by clicking 'Changes Required'?

A. The absolute maximum is 5 revisions (The original is version 1). This is more than enough opportunity for you to get the proofs ready to print. Of course you could approve straight away so don't think of 5 as a target you have to achieve, remember the sooner you approve, the sooner you have your stationery!

Q. What happens if I need a 6th revised proof?

A. There is a cost involved in hosting more proofs. Please enquire.

Q. How long will it take to get the revised proof after I click 'Changes Required'?

A. Your proof will be updated and the next version uploaded within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). If for any reason it has taken longer than that please let us know.

Q. What happens if I make my comments but forget to submit my decision of 'Changes Required'?

A. The system will assume that you are still working on your proof and have more comments to make. We will therefore not be notified that you have made comments and your order will grind to a halt... so please don't forget!

Q. How can I print off a copy?

A. In the top right corner of the proof view, there is a symbol of an arrow pointing down, click it to download the original file (PDF) and then you can open it and print from your PC.

Q. How soon do I need to 'Approve'?

A. We set a deadline for you to approve which appears on your proof emails, this is the very last date you should approve by. You will receive a late reminder if you miss this date. In this case you should approve as soon as possible.

Q. If I miss the deadline to 'Approve' will you go ahead and print anyway?

A. No, your order will be delayed until you approve.

Q. Why can't I just call you and tell you my changes & decisions over the telephone?

A. We need to keep a record of all the changes & decisions being made. This is for your benefit as well as ours. It allows you to go back and review/compare earlier versions and keeps track of the progression of your proof.

Q. What happens after I 'Approve'?

A. We will send you an email with an estimated dispatch date. On the day of dispatch you will receive another email with tracking details.

Q. How long will the order take after I 'Approve'?

A. It depends on the items you have ordered. Please see individual product pages for leadtimes.


Questions about Etiquette

Q. Do I need to send invites to family or the bridal party?

A. As a gesture and a memento invitations should be sent to members of the wedding party and family. The celebrant should also receive an invitation.

Q. Should I send invitations to people who I know cannot attend?

A.Yes, even if they are abroad, unwell, unable to travel etc., you should still send them an invitation to make them feel included.

Q. Our guest list is growing, is it ok to send out invites in a second batch?

A. Yes you can send a second batch provided it is not more than around 1 month after the first. Be careful that the R.S.V.P. date is still valid. We advise that you order enough invites (10% extra) at the start to cover a reserve list and there by reducing any delay in sending out more.

Q. I don’t want to invite children, can I stipulate this on the invite?

A. To put this in print may offend. Simply writing the names of only the people who are invited will get the point across that their children are not invited. On a couple of occasions we have been asked to print the following on the information card: We kindly request that children are not in attendance at our wedding ceremony or reception.

Q. Should I include gift list information?

A. It is inappropriate to mention gifts on a wedding invitation, even to say that the preference is not to receive any. This information should be spread by word of mouth via wedding party members and parents.

Q. My mother/father recently passed away, but I still want his/her name to be on the invitation as the host. Can I do that?

A. We have been asked this many times and it is heart breaking. The urge to have your deceased parent's name on your wedding invitation is off course very natural and as strong as the desire to have them there on your special day. Sadly however it is really very inappropriate. If you think about how it will be read from the guest's perspective, you will realise they might find it quite shocking and upsetting to read that he/she is the host of the wedding. We suggest that you honour your Mother or Father during the ceremony. You could light a candle of remembrance, you could have their favourite song played, you could have a special prayer read for them or a moment of silence for all your passed loved ones.

Q. What if I don't know a guest's name?

A. Where possible, try to find out the names of all the guests, but if you are inviting someone and you are leaving it up to them to decide who they bring, put down "John plus guest". When it comes to the place cards, you should know by then all the guests' names.

Q. What date should I ask guests to reply by?

A. An R.S.V.P. date should give guests around 4 weeks to reply. So make sure that once you decide the R.S.V.P. date and therefore the 'send' date, that you stick to it. Order in plenty of time!

Q. Should I ask evening invitees to reply? 

A. Normally these guests are not asked to respond as they are not invited to dine, therefore you will usually not need to know numbers. If you do need to know we can print rsvp details directly on the card as our reply cards are not designed to fit with our evening invitations.

Q. My guests have not responded, what should I do?

A. This is the biggest irritation we hear about! And it is generally the younger unmarried guests who fail to R.S.V.P. Remember they haven't been through the process of getting married and don't really understand how important it is to you or how many other details of the wedding are all hinged on the responses coming back. If a guest doesn't respond by the reply by date that is printed on the response card, it is perfectly acceptable to give them a friendly telephone call to ask them if they are coming or not. Many times you will find they are surprised you even asked, they assume that you know they are coming and didn't think the R.S.V.P. card applied to them!

Q. One of my guests asked could she bring her new boyfriend, even though I only invited her. I have never met him, what should I do?

A. It is inappropriate for guests to reply that they are bringing along more people than were actually invited or to directly ask you to include other people in your invitation. If you can stretch to one more person, then allowing him to come will avoid conflict. But if your guest list is already overflowing, it should be explained that as much as you'd like to, you simply can't accommodate more people than you've budgeted for. Explain that you would love to meet up with her and her new boyfriend when you get back from honeymoon.

Q. Should my stationery be formal or informal in tone?

A. Is it a traditional church wedding or an informal affair? Is it abroad or in a castle? Is there a dress code? All of these factors will determine the tone of the invite.

Q. What are dress codes?

A. Dress codes let people know what you expect them to wear. Out of our past customers about 95% of weddings stipulated no dress code. The other 5% of wedding stipulated 'Black Tie'. 
Here is a list of other examples:

  • White Tie – Men in evening tail coat & trousers, white shirt, white vest & white tie. Women in long gowns.
  • Black Tie – Men in tuxedos. Women in cocktail dresses, long dresses or dressy evening separates.
  • Morning Dress – the morning time equivalent of White Tie. Women in frocks – hats worn. (think William & Kate!)
  • Semi-Formal (also known as Informal Attire) – Men in business suits. Women in frocks or dressy suits. (this is actually what most weddings have even though it's rarely stipulated)
  • Smart Casual – Men in a blazer or a sports jacket with an optional tie. Women in frocks  or dressy suits. 

Q. Should we have a dress codes?

A. Some guests will like knowing what you expect of them and a dress code ensures that everybody is at the same standard of formality. However if your dress code involves the rental of a suit, then you should bear in mind that it will be an extra expense for your guests. 

Q. Should we put the dress code on the evening invites?

A. If you are having, for example a black tie wedding and you don’t ask evening guests to wear tuxedos etc, then they may feel uncomfortable as they will stick out from the crowd. On the other hand you may not want to ask these guests to go to the expense of renting a tux. A good solution is to print; Black Tie Optional.

Q. Who is Hosting the Wedding?

A. The host is the person/people who are paying for the wedding. Traditionally the bride's parents act as hosts. As more couples are now financing their own wedding, they may prefer to act as host themselves. This will dictate how the invitation is worded.

Q. Should we put in a list of people involved in the ceremony into the Ceremony Booklet?  

A. This is optional but if you do, make sure that the celebrant is at the top of the list. Include any musicians or singers (even if you have hired them).

Q. Should we credit music choices throughout the ceremony booklet?

A. Yes you should. If you are using our online mass booklet generator, you will notice that the pre-selected music shows the song title followed by the composer. e.g.Canon in D - Pachelbel. This applies to more mordern music also e.g. All You Need is Love - Lennon/McCartney. Don't confuse the artist with the composer as many people do! For example;
You Raise Me Up - Westlife... WRONG
You Raise Me Up - Løvland/Graham... CORRECT!
This kind of information is easy to find out online.

Q. Should we put a thank you message in the booklet?

A. Again this is optional but can be a nice way to end the service booklet if space allows.

Q. Apart from the ceremony can we print anything else in the booklet?

A. If you have space to fill you could include a romantic quote or poem.

Q. Should we include titles such as Mr. & Mrs. on our place cards?

A. It depends on how formal the event is. First name and second name is advised as using only first names is not ideal, especially at bigger weddings where many people could have the same first name.

Q. Should we handwrite individual messages or pre print a standard message on our Thank You Cards?

A. Etiquette dictates that each card should be handwritten, thanking each guest for the individual gift. Having said that pre printed cards are very convenient for modern brides.

Q. When should we send the thank you cards?

A. As soon as possible but don't leave it later than 3 months after your wedding.