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Names and Addresses

How to Address Your Envelopes

Step 1. Choose Your Weapon
Using the wrong pen will ruin your invites and once you write them, there is no going back! Take a scrap piece of paper and try out a number of different pens. Unless you are an experienced calligrapher, avoid using pen & ink, fountain pens or calligraphy markers. We have tested a number of pens and selected ones which work best with Love Letters stationery;

Metallic Pens - Gold and silver pens are nice for the inside but can be difficult to read on envelopes. Metallic pens generally come in either the gel ink or roller ball variety. These tend to be a bit messy. We have tested many metallic pens and we think the only good ones are Staedtler Triplus Gel Liner.

Black Fine Liner - These pens are recommended for use with our stationery and in particular our pearl envelopes. They are a very fine version of a felt tip marker.Because the nib is so fine, you can achieve very small neat writing and with only a low pressure needed. These are made by Faber Castell, Staedler or Stabilo to name a few.

Step 2. Practice Makes Perfect
Practice the name a couple of times on a scrap of paper before you write on the invite. Remember that we include an extra 2 free envelopes with every order, just in case!

Step 3. Dot Your i's & Cross Your t's

When writing an envelope, there are a couple of rules to note. Names - Always use titles, such as Mr. Mrs, Miss, Ms., Dr. and so on, even if you have chosen not to be so formal on the invite. Don’t write out full first names, use their initial only. E.G. Mr. & Mrs. D. Smith.    
Addresses – Don’t abbreviate words if possible, E.G. Road, not Rd., Avenue not Ave.and so on.
Punctuation – put a comma at the end of each line and a full stop at the last line.

Step 4. Let The Ink Dry!

Step 5. Stuff It
It's time to carefully put your invitations into the envelopes. Be extra sure to put the right name with the right address.
TOP TIP! - Many guests forget to write their name on their reply card, meaning you get just get a ticked box back. Number the back of your reply cards and keep a corresponding list in case you have to identify any replies later.

Step 6. Sealed With Love
A word of warning! – don’t seal them until all the invites are inside, you may be left with an invite and envelope that don’t match meaning you may have to recheck everything. Once you are sure that everything is correct and all invites and any other enclosure cards are inside, go ahead and seal them.

More Please

If you find that you need more invites because you made a mistake or because your guest list has grown, don't worry you can order more. The minimum order for a reprint is 10 and we usually can do them pretty quick too. Log into your account, find your original order and click 'Re-order' adjust the quantitiy to 10 or whatever amount you need. 


Professional Calligraphy
Calligraphy can really add that special touch to your invitations and envelopes. If you are based in Dublin we highly recommend Campbell Calligraphy, contact Ethel Campbell on 086 814 8315

Tips When Considering Calligraphy
Create a list of all the guest names to send to the calligrapher in an excel sheet. Put the names to go on the invite in the first column (Jack & Jill) and in the next column, type the name & address for the envelope (Mr. & Mrs. J. Hill, 100 Main Street, Athy, County Kildare.)

Send the calligrapher a full and complete list which has been spell checked.

Don't send the calligrapher the names in drips and drabs.

Order extra invitations from your stationery supplier.

Calligraphy is an art form like painting, mistakes are natural and you need to get a least 10 extra invites to allow for errors.

Make sure that the line printed on your invites, allows enough space above and below for the calligrapher to write in the name. Leave about 1cm below and 2cm above the line.

Order in plenty of time, the calligrapher may be booked up so give them plenty of warning beforehand.

DO NOT ALLOW your calligrapher to use a hairdryer or heater to dry ink on your stationery. Heat will cause glue to melt. If your stationery has glued elements, the glue will soften and the stationery will fall apart. Make sure the calligrapher allows the ink to dry naturally.








Printed Guest Names

Printed Names & Address
If you wish to have your guest names and addresses printed on your invitations, we can do this for you. Simply click on the link in pink below 'Printed Names'. 

There is a charge due to the time involved in typesetting each invite/envelope separately, printing each invite/envelope separately and checking all finished invite/envelopes off your list. On average it can almost double the time it takes to make a normal order.

There are a number of conditions which we ask that you follow if you want printed names and addresses;

If you are in a rush to get your stationery, we may be able to expedite your order but we cannot offer this particular add on service as it is very time consuming.

The names and/or address must be supplied in the exact format we require as outlined in the link below.

All of the names and/or addresses must be supplied in one go at the same time that you approve your proofs.

We can't facilitate customers who send us a trickle of names after the original list is submitted. The job will be printed once and regret we can't revisit it, if you need more invites, we can print them blank.

This service is available for day and evening invitations and envelopes only. (not available for Save the Date Cards, Thank You Cards etc.)

We will not create a proof for each and every invitation and envelope. You proof will show a fake name in place of your guest names just to show you the position and font style.

You will not receive any proof of the printed envelope, the address will be typeset in the center, left aligned and in the same font as the body text of your invite.


Printed Names