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Reviewing Your Proofs (video)

Video 1: Opening & Viewing Your Proof

Video 2: Sharing Your Proof

Video 3: Adding & Submitting your Comments

Video 4: Opening your Second Proof, Comparing & Approving

Frequently Asked Questions About Proofs

Q. How many comments can I make?
A. As many as you like.

Q. How many revised proofs can I get by clicking 'Changes Required'?
A. The absolute maximum is 5 revisions (The original is version 1). This is more than enough opportunity for you to get the proofs ready to print. Of course you could approve straight away so don't think of 5 as a target you have to achieve, remember the sooner you approve, the sooner you have your stationery!

Q. What happens if I need a 6th revised proof?
A. There is a cost involved in hosting more proofs. you can purchase extra credit for 5 more proofs in our Accessories section.

Q. How long will it take to get the revised proof after I click 'Changes Required'?
A. Our typesetter works Tuesday to Friday 9-5. Within these hours she will update the proof as soon as she can but no longer than 24 hours. If for any reason it has taken longer than that please let us know.

Q. What happens if I make my comments but forget to submit my decision of 'Changes Required'?
A. The system will assume that you are still working on your proof and have more comments to make. We will therefore not be notfied that you have made comments and your order will grind to a halt... so please don't forget!

Q. How can I print off a copy?
A. In the top right corner of the proof view, there is a symbol of an arrow pointing down, click it to download the original file (PDF) and then you can open it and print from your PC.

Q. How soon do I need to 'Approve'?
A. We have set a deadline for you to approve shown below, this is the very last date you should approve by. You will receive a late reminder if you miss this date. In this case you should approve as soon as possible.

Q. If I miss the deadline to 'Approve' will you go ahead and print anyway?
A. No, your order will be delayed until you approve.

Q. Why can't I just call you and tell you my changes & decisions over the telephone?
A. We need to keep a record of all the changes & decisions being made. This is for your benefit as well as ours. It allows you to go back and review/compare earlier versions and keeps track of the progression of your proof.

Q. What happens after I 'Approve'?
A. We will send you an email with an estimated dispatch date. On the day of dispatch you will receive another email with tracking details.

Q. How long will the order take after I 'Approve'?
A. It depends on the items you have ordered. Please see individual product pages for leadtimes.