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The Ordering Process

Ordering Through Our Website
Ordering is really very simple and you can do it all using the shopping cart here on our website which is completely secure. Your details will remain private for internal use only and will not be provided to any third party. You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of the order, by email.

Ordering Over The Phone
If you are having trouble ordering online, then please do call us and we will guide you through the steps. We can set up a shopping cart for you and help you find and add the items you need. However you must complete the checkout stage yourself. We encourage this for obvious security reasons but also because details can easily be misheard or confused over the telephone. It is probably best that you are typing in all your own wedding details rather than calling them out to us, and it is best that you make a final check of the items in your shopping cart.

Love Letters fully respect your right to privacy in relation to your interactions with this website. Your details will remain private for internal use only and will not be provided to any third party. Our full Privacy Statement can be read on the 'Privacy' page of this website. 

Minimum Printed Stationery Quantities
Our minimum order is 5 for all stationery items with the exception of Samples, Guest Books, Table Plans, Table Numbers or Table Names and Ribbon. The minimum order is in place because the cost to us to print less than these quantities is greater than the price we charge. 

Increasing the Quantities of an Order in Process
If you realise that you have not ordered enough, but your order has been processed but not yet dispatched, then we will need to make a separate but linked order for you. Contact us by email with the additional items you want as soon as possible so that we can send everything out in the same delivery. Because this is a new order you will be subject to minimum order quantities but we will wave any extra delivery charge (unless the items you are adding are such that the weight and size of the parcel is now pushed into the next threshold, we reserve the right to charge you the difference in delivery costs in this case). 

Re-ordering Later
If you need to order a re-print of your original stationery after you receive the first delivery, it is possible but please note that the order will be subject to our minimum quantities and you will be charged delivery again. (Which is why we advise ordering enough stationery at the beginning!) If you wish to re-order, log into your account on our website, click on 'My Account', click on 'My Orders'. Any orders you placed with us will appear in a list and you can click 're-order' on any of them. You then can edit the quantity to however many you need.

How to Pay
When you place your order online, the total will be calculated plus a delivery charge. You can pay securely online by the following methods: Laser, Mastercard, Maestro, VIsa, Visa Debit, Visa Delta, Visa Electron or PayPal. A receipt will be generated and emailed to you automatically.

Choosing a Currency
You can choose to pay in Euro, GBP or USD. Our prices are not linked to a daily rate, instead we fix a fair rate which we change as little as possible. 

Sales Tax
All our advertised prices include sales tax. The rate of sales tax or value added tax you pay is determined by your shipping address not the currency you pay in. So for example if you wish to pay in Euro but live in the UK, and your shipping address is in the UK, you will pay VAT at the current British Rate. There is no sales tax on orders outside Ireland and the UK, however there may be import duties to be paid upon arrival in your country.

Gift Cards
Gift cards expire 1 year after they are purchased. The recipient of the gift card will receive a unique code which they can fill in during the checkout stage of the website. If the voucher is not used in full the holder can use the balance at another time, provided it is within 1 year of original purchase of the gift card. Vouchers cannot be exchanged in full or part for cash or store credit.

Shipping Charge
The shipping or delivery charge is calculated based on the total weight of the items you are ordering and the delivery destination. You will be given a choice of delivery options at the checkout. We advise ordering everything you need in one go to avoid incurring 2 delivery charges. If you order everything in one go, and we then realize we need to do 2 separate deliveries, you will not be charged twice. This commonly occurs with ceremony booklets which are usually not ready at the same time as everything else. But if you order separately you will be charged delivery twice.

Free Shipping
Delivery is completely free on the following: Orders paid for in Euro and delivered within Ireland over €499. Orders paid for in GBP and delivered within the United Kingdom over £499. To qualify for free delivery the total order value of a single transaction must be over €499/£499. Two or more separate orders amounting to €499 or more will not be eligible for this offer. Samples and Gift Cards also qualify for free delivery to Ireland, the UK and United States. (Our '2 Free Samples' option has a small postage charge)

Online Proofs
We have a fantastic online proofing system which is easy and quick and most importantly cuts out all the paper work so you don't have to mess about with signing and faxing back proofs. All customers can use the online system to check their proofs. We do not send out hard copy proofs as in our experience this leads to more confusion and an 'information lag' and therefore more printed errors. Our proofs are not concerned with the materials used, the quantities you ordered or any other aspect of your order. The purpose of the proof is to perfect the wording, layout of text and the fonts. As such only the areas which feature personalized printed text will appear on your proof. Also the proofs are always in black and white regardless of the colour of cards you have chosen, this allows you to focus on the text alone. If have a question about the materials that will be used in your stationery we advise you order a sample first. (Samples are printed with generic example text). (Some items we sell require no proof to be approved, to check see the 'Specs' tab on each product page)

Getting your Proofs
Once you order, we will begin work on typesetting your proofs. We will upload your proofs to our online system within 24 hours (Tuesday-Friday). Once they are 'live', you will receive an automatic email containing a link to the proofs. If for any reason you do not get this email with 24 hours please let us know. (It may get blocked or mistaken as spam, if that happens we have no way of knowing unless you contact us, so please keep your eyes peeled on your inbox).

Making Comments on Your Proof (this is all explained again later so no need to memorize it!)
So once you have your proof open onscreen, you will see that you can make as many comments as you wish to the proof by clicking on the orange 'ADD COMMENTS' button. You can type in instructions for us and also use the comments toolbar. After you have made ALL your comments click the green 'SUBMIT DECISION' and then click 'CHANGES REQUIRED'. ONLY when you click 'Changes Required' will we  be notified that you are ready for us to go ahead and make the changes. When the changes have been made by us, we will upload the second proof to the online system (again within 24 hours) and the whole process starts again. In total we allow you to get a maximum of 5 versions (The original proof is version 1). This is more than enough opportunity to get your proofs ready to be printed as within those 5 proofs you can make unlimited amounts of comments. (So for example we prefer you to make 100 comments and then click 'Changes Required' rather than making just 1 comment, asking for a revised version and then another and so on, you will quickly use up your 5 revised proof that way.) Our proof hosting costs double after Version 5 so there is a small charge to you. You can purchase extra credit for proofs like any other product (see under Accessories). We cannot accept changes or typesetting instructions sent to us via email, post, fax or over the telephone, this is because we need to keep careful track of all the changes flying back and forth, if they are on the system then you can be sure our typesetter has access to them immediately and there is a record of them. This is for your sake as well as ours! Our philosophy is 'do it right, not twice!'

Deadline to Approve
You will notice that we set a deadline on our system for you to approve by. We look at your reply by date, count back a month (posting date) and add on our production time. This brings us to a date by which you must approve by in order to have your stationery in time. If you go past this date our system will start to remind you with emails. We will put your order on hold until you approve so it is up to you to make sure this important step gets done!

Approving Your Proof
So you may have gone through a couple of versions of your proof and finally it is perfect. Open the most recent version of your proof on the online system, click ‘SUBMIT DECISION’ and then click ‘APPROVED’. We will print it straight away so NO further changes are allowed after your approval. It is the customer’s absolute responsibility to thoroughly check the details of their wedding stationery proofs to make sure all the wording and layout is correct. We strongly advise you triple check all the details of your wedding before you approve. 

After Approving
Once you approve, your order will begin production. Our turnaround time is counted from this point. As soon as you approve, our production manager will schedule your order to be made by our team and will email you an estimated dispatch date.

Making Changes to Your Proof After You Approved
You cannot make any changes to a proof after you approve it because it will be sent to be printed immediately. If for any reason you realise you need to make a change AFTER you have approved your stationery; there are many negative effects. We will need to halt your order, issue you with a new proof, get you to approve again and then re-print it. Your delivery date will also be moved back. There will be an additional charge involved which will depend on how far along the production line your stationery had gone. Please contact us by email as early as possible so we can halt your order and assess the amount of materials which will need to be binned and the amount of production time wasted. We don't like this situation at all and take no pleasure in charging for it. We really do encourage you to think very very carefully about your proof BEFORE you approve it so that this situation does not occur.

Out of Stock Materials
The turnaround time is conditional on all materials being in stock. We keep good stock levels of all our stationery but if we run out, the item will be displayed as 'out of stock' on the website. You can still go ahead and order the item (known as a back order) but the normal turnaround times will not apply. We will keep you informed of when we expect it to be back in stock. 

Out of Stock Ribbon
The turnaround time is conditional on all materials being in stock. This maybe an issue if you have chosen a ribbon which is an unusual colour. It may take us more time to get it in for you. If we foresee a problem, we will contact you immediately and give you the option to either wait for your special colour or choose something we have in stock. Any ribbon colours which are not kept in regular stock are clearly marked online. If you wish to order an unusual colour of ribbon then we strongly advise ordering in plenty of time in advance of your wedding. We also advise that you order all the items for your wedding at once, so that we in turn can get all the ribbon we need to complete your whole order in one shipment. If we have to make two orders for a special ribbon, we run the risk of receiving two slightly different dye batches or just not being able to get the second batch in time.

Dispatch Day
Once you have approved your stationery, we will send you an approximate dispatch date. On the day of dispatch we will send you an official shipment email which includes details of the postal service/courier company and tracking number, so that you can follow your parcel on-line. If you choose a non-tracked delivery option, we will still send you a shipment email you but there will be no tracking number. 

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. We try not to change our prices however sudden fluctuation in exchange rates may effect our GBP and USD prices positively or negatively. All prices are displayed including Sales Tax (VAT) at the current national rate. (Euro shown including Irish V.A.T.) (GDP shown including UK V.A.T.) (USD is tax exempt, customs & excise is covered within the US delivery charges).

Our Quality Promise
Our stationery is produced to the highest standards. As our stationery is handmade, very small variations may occur. We advise ordering a free sample before you place your main order, so that you know what to expect. Our samples are exactly the same as the finished product with the exception of the personalised text. We also go to great lengths to clearly describe and photograph our stationery. All stationery is counted and checked by 2 members of staff prior to dispatch. We also include 2 extra envelopes with each order. Stationery is very carefully packaged prior to dispatch.

Need More Envelopes
We include 2 extra envelopes with each order. If you need more envelopes you can purchase them separately in the DIY section.

Cancellation of Personalised Items
Our Wedding stationery is deemed to be 'tailor-made' or 'personalised goods' or 'customised goods'. As such you may not cancel the order once you have placed it and therefore no refunds can be offered. This applies even if you have not yet approved your proofs because part of your order involves a personalised service element in the creation of your proofs which begins with your consent upon order.

Cancellation of Non-Personalised Items
Items which are not personalised may be returned. These items include only products within our DIY section, (with the exception of ribbon which has been cut off the roll). Clearance items may not be returned. Upon return of the goods in perfect condition within 30 days of original dispatch, we will refund the value of the goods (not including delivery).

Change of Mind
You have no rights under consumer law if you simply change your mind about wanting personalised goods. However, as a gesture of goodwill, if you change your mind about what you want prior to approving your proofs we will issue you with store credit which can be used for against other items in our store. Some exceptions apply to this offer; 1. If you order a design which is clearly marked as being discontinued or clearance. In this case you may not change your order. 2. If the item has been especially ordered in for you. In this case you may not change your order. 3. If the item is non-personalised and has already been dispatched. 

Incorrect Personalised Text
As outlined above it is the customer’s absolute responsibility to thoroughly check the details of their wedding stationery proofs to make sure all the wording and layout is correct before they approve. Love Letters cannot be held responsible for errors made in print which are also in error on approved proofs. If you find a mistake after you get your stationery, you should contact us as soon as possible. We will help you to determine the best solution. We may get you to return the stationery or we may replace it. In either case it will be at your own expense and our discretion. We will also insist that you approve the corrected item again. We will do everything in our power to resolve this stressful situation for you quickly. However this situation rarely happens when clients fully engage in the proofing process and work with us to prepare their wedding stationery. 

Wrong Ribbon Colour
From time to time  the ribbon supplied to us varies with each dye batch. The colour can be very slightly inconsistent with each delivery of ribbon we get. We manage this by making sure that no single order is made with two different batches. If the ribbon you receive on your stationery differs slightly from your sample, we apologize but it is out of our control. We cannot offer any alternative, exchange or refund. On the other hand, in the unlikely event that the ribbon colour on your stationery is completely wrong, different to the one you selected, we will collect, repair and redeliver your stationery at our expense as quickly as we can. Please notify us within 7 working days of receiving your delivery. If you wait longer that the 7 working days, we will assume that you have accepted the products, faults and all. We strongly advise you to ask us for a sample of the ribbon you are looking for before you order. You can do this by using our free sample service. When you order your 2 free samples you will be asked what colour range you are looking for, we will send all possible ribbon colours available in that range and mark them clearly for you.

Items Missing from Your Order
In the unlikely event that any item is missing from your order, please notify us within 7 working days of receiving your delivery. Every single item is logged so we will check the packing list. If we have made a genuine mistake we will send out the item at our expense. It could be that the item is on backorder or that you have not yet supplied us with the wording for your booklet, for example. 

Faulty Goods
Should you have a specific complaint about the quality of your stationery, please notify us within 7 working days of receiving your delivery about the fault. We will repair or replace any items which are not up to standard. You should inspect all the goods you receive and return any faulty goods as soon as possible. If you wait longer that the 7 working days, we will assume that you have accepted the products, faults and all. Goods should be: fit for intended purpose, correspond to the sample, as described and of an acceptable standard. If we fail on any of these points we will do our upmost to rectify the problem as stated above. Again we advise ordering a free sample first so that the quality of the final stationery has a benchmark which you can compare to. We cannot repair or replace faulty goods which have been used. In the case of wedding stationery, 'used' means any items which has been written on or posted. Please check and examine your goods before you