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Wedding Ceremony Booklets

Ordering Ceremony Booklets

How Many to Order
We have found that 1 booklet per couple attending the ceremony is more than enough. But we won't object if you want to get 1 for every guest!

Ceremony Covers v's Fully Printed Booklets
You will notice that we offer 'Ceremony Covers' as well as fully printed booklets. Some of our customers prefer to print out and bind their own booklets and just want a nice cover to match the rest of their stationery. We sell matching paper too. If you are confident on the computer and have a good printer and a long arm stapler, then this is a good money saver (factor in the cost of ink, paper & your time though!) On the other hand if you want us to take care of everything for you then we are here to help. Ceremony Booklets are a speciality of ours and we go into a lot of detail with you, which you won't find elsewhere.

About the Ceremony Forms
All our online forms can be found together here. We try to cover the most popular types of ceremony we get asked for. But we don't discriminate! If you don't see your service, use the 'Other Ceremony' Tab.

Why Filling in a Form is Best
When we first started our company, brides would go off and research their booklet. Often what they sent us was cobbled together from other wedding booklets, we noticed mistakes, inconsistencies and typos. Also brides kept asking us to streamline the process as most booklets have the same basic architecture. So we looked at all the hundreds of booklets we had done to date, and did some more research and came up with an easy multiple choice form, where brides can choose prayers, readings and music from drop down lists. We wanted to retain a level of personalisation too so there are lots of blank fields to put in items which are not listed on the form. Since we launched the forms, the outcome has been fantastic. Brides are happier as they can submit the booklet in 30 minutes, without having to do any typing. We have reduced errors and typos by 99%. We have cut the time it takes us to typeset the booklet in half. We have reduced the amount of revised proofs needed. Overall less stress!

When to Fill in a Form
You do not have to fill out your Ceremony Form at the same time as you order. In fact there's probably lots of information you won't know at that point. We ask you that fill out the form no later than 6 weeks prior to your wedding.


Proof Reading Your Booklet

Getting Your First Proof
Once we have received your form answers, we will take that information and typeset the full booklet. You will receive an email with a link which will open up the proof onscreen. The first page will be in view, click the arrows below to see the next pages.

Making Changes
You may see something wrong as soon as you open it but don't be tempted to submit that change straight away, as you will waste your 5 revisions. Instead, take your time, go through the whole booklet with a fine tooth comb and make all the comments you want and only then submit them for revision. It is easier for us to get all the changes in one go rather than in drips. This means you will not run out of revisions and we will get your booklet approved quicker in the long run!

Asking the Celebrant for Input
We recommend that you fill in the ceremony form, get your first proof back and then show it to the celebrant to get their input. It is easier to show them something which is already very well fleshed out. If they have changes you can submit them to us in the normal way. You can either print out a copy for him/her or, if they are tech savvy, and they have an email address, let us know and we will add them as a 'reviewer' of your proof. (They will not have the ability to approve, only to make comments)

Approving your Ceremony Booklet
Once you hit 'approved' we will print your booklet. We kindly request that you approve no later than 4 weeks prior to your wedding. We will set a deadline of 4 weeks prior on your proof, so if you pass this, you will be notified automatically and you should approve as soon as possible.

Other Facts About Ceremony Booklets

If you do not want a full booklet but would like to have something to hand out, a scroll is a nice alternative. You will find these in the Accessories Section. We do not roll up and tie the scroll for you as they are too fragile to deliver in that state. So we send you the flat printed sheets and the ribbon on a roll. A scroll is 1 A4 page so you will not be able to print the whole ceremony, it will have to be an abridged version. You can still fill out the Ceremony Form as normal, we will typeset as much as we can and edit out whatever we know to be 'superfluous'. You can review this when you get the proof.

How to Distribute Booklets at The Ceremony
You can either get your ushers to give them out as they greet guests at the entrance, or you can spread them out over the seats before the ceremony. We have found that ladies will keep them but men leave them behind. So maybe tell your ushers to give them to ladies only!

Choosing Music
You will see that we have extensive lists of music to choose from throughout our forms. These lists have built up organically from real bride requests. You can listen to pretty much every tune on YouTube so open it up in a separate tab if you are curious to hear them all. You should off course consult with your singers/muscians/choir prior to filling in the form. When you are crediting music, it is the composer, not the artist who most recently sang the song, you should include! A common example we have seen is "Make You Feel My Love - Adele". Actually the great Bob Dylan originally wrote this song so even though you like the Adele version, you should credit Dylan!

Choosing Prayers and Readings
We have included a list of the appropriate prayers and readings at each point. Clicking on the link will open up a pop up window so you can read them all in full. You simply choose the ones which mean the most to you. In the case of Civil Ceremonies, you can have any reading you like (non religious) so the list is endless, we have included popular ones but you will find hundreds more online.